Fun In the Studio!


Day One Leanne and Tammy and their finished projects!

It was so great to host two of my favorite people this week for a class in my new studio! Leanne (Assemblage Jewelry) and Tammy (Sunny Creek Jewelry) are fellow jewelers and close friends. I admire each of them for many different reasons and It was an honor to help them learn new skills to incorporate into their work.

The fun started on Sunday at the Minneapolis Gem Show! Amanda, Leanne, Tammy and I found lots of treasures and inspiration to fuel our work in the upcoming months! It is always so great to see all the familiar faces, peers and friends at the show. Everyone excited about the next treasure they might find. Even after going to this show for almost 10 years I still feel my heart race with anticipation of seeing the beautiful stones and finding that one (or 10, 😉  perfect things to add to my artist pallet. We even had a new addition to our little posse this year! Little Poppy, Amanda’s little bundle- only a year old! All in all we had a great time!


Old Treasures


Tables and tables of color!


My Favorite! TURQUOISE!


More cool OLD stuff!

Monday we got to work! I taught them how to create their own tube bezels to set faceted stones into their work. Leanne received a grant last year to advance her work and one of her goals was to learn new ways to set faceted stones into her work! She made two pairs of earrings and a pendant to get started! Tammy was excited to acquire a new tool in her belt to use in her designs. She made a beautifully simple ring for her daughter Gracie.

Leanne at work:)

Leanne at work:)

On Tuesday we covered Gypsy/ Flush setting. Leanne was a natural at this! Gypsy setting is tricky and takes a lot of patience. There is a lot of trial and error! The key here is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Leanne melted a bunch of my scrap from my Papel Picado series into little balls and we used those to make little pebble stacking rings. She set a CZ in hers! And she had time to make a special little ring for her grand daughter Tilly! We had a great day 2 in the studio! I think she is set to create some beautiful pieces for her up coming Gallery exhibition at the NAG (Northfield Arts Guild) this coming fall! I am so excited to see it!

All the Pieces coming together!

All the Pieces coming together!

stackable pebble rings

Completed stackable pebble rings


Fun stack I made for Kristina! She Loved it!

Reflecting today about the past couple days has helped me to know that it is more important than ever for me to continue to teach. In turn I have also realized that it is equally important for me to continue to learn! I have always loved teaching and I think I always will! My heart swells when I see my student succeed.  It’s my way of saying thank you to the universe for bringing this gift into my life. I also will always have something to learn. I get giddy when I get the chance to sign up for a class and have the chance to be on the other side of learning. It is a chance for me to play and grow too. I am looking forward to getting started on writing my first grant proposal to help me do more of both! I look forward to sharing more of that process with you all in the near future!

Go out and explore and learn something new today!