Creative Rush

I am so excited to share my new collection of jewelry, Papel Picado, with all of you!  This body of work was inspired by the beautiful folk art in Mexico used in various celebrations called Papel Picado (cut paper art) Traditionally fine tissue paper is is hand cut by artisans in motifs native to mexican culture. This series captures the essence of the surge of creativity I experienced this fall.  It all started when my family and I were getting ready for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). I was pulling out all of the ofrenda adornments I have collected over the years to decorate the alter we create in our home to celebrate the lives of our loved ones that have passed. The intricate designs of the Papel Picado that I found planted a seed in my mind. A few days later in my studio working on new designs with Dia de los Muertos images swimming in my head, I explained the tradition to a friend, as I worked. The images in my mind transferred to my pad of paper and the new collection was born.

IMG_2231 IMG_2230IMG_2430IMG_2248 IMG_2447

Calavera cuffIMG_2481IMG_2474IMG_2482IMG_2483

Each piece is hand fabricated, pierced, and comprised of mostly sterling silver with at times accents of copper and brass to enhance each piece. I have incorporated beautiful semi precious stones into many of the pieces as well. My hope is that the future owner of these pieces will be reminded to celebrate life everyday, to recognize the beauty around them in the simple things, and to keep the memories of their loved ones always close to their hearts.

These pieces can be found this holiday Season for only TWO WEEKS at ART MOB Gallery in Minneapolis. Click on link for more details!

For more information about Dia De los Muertos click on the link below!


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